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KCVS 2019 -- Back row, left to right: Peter Mahaffy, Robert MacDonald, Melanie Hoffman, Shawn Ritter, Daniel Krol. Front row, left to right: Kalley Lasola, Ashley Elgersma, Mckenzie Tilstra.
Explaining Climate Change -- Visualizing and Understanding the Science of Climate Change
Climate Solutions -- The Climate Solutions project is responsible for the Design Our Climate simulation, a peer-reviewed simulation developed by a team of undergraduate students and faculty at The King's Centre for Visualization in Science, with support from Energy Efficiency Alberta, under the project Accessible Solutions: Visualizing Energy Choices and Climate Implications Embedded in Alberta Narratives.
Isotopes Matter -- What are isotopes, and why do I need to know about them? These resources will explore these questions and more, including how the new atomic weight intervals came to be, and how to use them.

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