What is VC3Chem? Funded under NSF CCLI award #1022992, Visualizing the Chemistry of Climate Change (VC3Chem) has the goal to develop and disseminate a series of interactive web-based digital learning objects to help first year undergraduate chemistry students visualize and understand the chemistry underlying global climate change. The resources aim to (a) exemplify science education for sustainability, (b) improve the understanding of climate change by both undergraduate students and faculty members, and (c) provide "best-practice" resources to support chemistry instructors in adopting active-learning pedagogies that situate cognition in authentic science practice and globally important contexts.  The efficacy of these tools and this approach will be assessed by measuring changes in students' understanding about both climate change and core chemistry concepts taught through climate change science. The project will also produce a validated inventory of climate change concepts for use in further research.

The VC3Chem Team: The 3-year project is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of collaborators from Purdue University, The King's Centre for Visualization in Science (King's University, Edmonton), and the American Chemical Society.  Team members are:

Project Principal Investigators and co-Principal Investigators
Other Team Members (faculty)
Other Team Members (students)
Expert Reviewers

Contact: For further information about Visualizing the Chemistry of Climate Change, email us at Peter.Mahaffy@kingsu.ca or at Brian.Martin@kingsu.ca